amuseddaffodils: Never forget to love yourself! 

I try to :) But it’s very hard sometimes :(

theblbum: How can I feel so lonely and abandoned when I have such I loving, caring family? 

Maybe because you don’t share your thoughts with them? Maybe because you actually want someone else to care who doesn’t? 
hope it’ll get better! 

60 days

Yesterday I was in the cinema with my boyfriend.. I ate half a big pot of popcorn, before we had barbecue and I enjoyed some baquette.. Before this day I was eating 16 days perfectly clean.. Today was kinda hard to get back on track but: I won’t give up! Life isn’t about seeing perfect all the time, it’s about stumbling, falling but getting up and trying again.. Slowly I can see some muscles on my tummy and hell to the yes I LOVE IT and I’m glad to say I found my motivation again, I’m my own motivation! I’m able to run a 5k in 30min, when 2 months ago I wasn’t able to run 500m without Bering out of breath! And a few days ago a good friend of me said he’s looking “up to me” how I’m so motivated and doing all this and yes, I won’t give up, he’s right in doing amazing, I dint care what everyone else is thinking when I’m drinking my proteinshake or eating my chickenbreast and veggies.. FIRST THEY ASK YOU WHY YOU ARE DOING IT THAN THEY ASK YOU HOW YOU DID IT
Be patient: with your fitnessjourney, with your relationship, with your ed! Nothing happens over night, recovery takes a long time, realizing cutting won’t help takes time, getting fit takes time, moving on from a broken heart takes time, forgiving takes time.. But you need to be alive to see the change!
Have a great sunday loves!

lifeslattes: I understand what you're going through (: stay strong though! (Which is completely unhelpful I know) but I understand how it feels to be obsessed with calories and feel bad about eating but like you can't stop especially when people like your parents tempt you and you keep saying 'oh tomorrow I won't eat that much' but then you eat a lot the next day and it turns into a cycle. 

thats exactly how I feel… I hate it :( I try to stay strong but it’s hart because I really hate how I look like …
I hope you will get better soon, because you are such a lovely person and you definitely deserve to <3 :*
1000000 hugs and the hope that we a) can eat everything without feeling bad and gaining weight after or b) can have the strength to overcome this ed 


dontclosethebookjustturnthepaige: Hey love! I just wanted to send some happy vibes and love your way today! I wanted to let you know that YOU are beautiful in every single way! :) keep smiling gorgeous!  

AWWWW so many nice people here on tumblr.. I love you baby! You made my day, I’m struggling at the moment but you made me smile <3 
Love you to the moon and back :*

insomniac-blogger: heyo, just checking in to see if you're okay darling. Remember to smile and eat well! 

Yeah, I’m doing not that good atm but I’m eating healthy and work out a lot so I think I’m going to lose some weight and than I’m happy again :)
how are you darling? <3

drunkoffyourrlove: I'm so tired. Everyday I get home from school and sleep. Every morning in the car on the way to school I wish to get in a car accident. The things I used to do don't make me happy anymore. Everything is just so boring to me and at night is when I fall apart. My thoughts just take over and it's all I can hear "you're ugly. No one cares. Why are you still alive" I'm always the one to give help to my friends when they are struggling but when I need them they're not here for me. No one notices 


I feel like I’m always the one helping others and then, when I feel alone and sad and need help suddenly no ones there for me.. but you know what? If your friends wouldn’t care about you they would’ve never told you about their problems n stuff :)

And maybe sometimes it tends to happen that people are stressed or maybe don’t notice that your sad and tired all day… Sometimes they’re afraid of asking too.. in my opinion you should try to meet one of you’re friends at starbucks or something and tell him/her how you feel! 

If you start to talk about your problems it often gets a lot easier to handle!

And honey,
1.) I don’t know how you look like, but I don’t know anyone who’s ugly, everyone is beautiful.. some have pretty eyes, some have gorgeous hair, some have great nails, some have long beautiful legs, … 
2.) I CARE I CARE I CARE !!! And i guess so many others here care too <3
3.) You are still alive, because you want to live, you deserve to live, you will enjoy your life again soon, and if you wouldn’t be alive, you wouldn’t be able to change something :)

I love you, ok? OK! 

You know what is really sad? I have over 2000 followers and not a single one of them cares about me..
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